Does the Phase of the Moon Effect the Way Wine Tastes?

First as a distributor rep, and then as a retail wine buyer, I noticed that wine tastes different on different days.  Early on, I associated this solely with the fact that wine does not taste good on hot days. reds being more sensitive to the temperature outside than whites. Then an old industry salt, Don Beatty, told me it was barometric pressure that effects how a wine tastes.  At that time I was tasting

French wines are usually made to accompany food.

Would this wine have tasted differently if I had opened two days later? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

roughly six wines a day. OK, I could buy that… maybe. Still, some days, regardless of the moderate weather, my palate would just be seem off.

Later, I was buying wine and tasting seventy wines a day, (or more). I was my palate was super-tuned, and I was really confused by the fact that some days wine really just didn’t taste right. I had already learned to be very careful of the foods I was eating for lunch.  I had learned that using mouthwash trashed the palate.  Yet, the problem of having a palate that was ‘off’ occasionally persisted. Sometimes, wines would start tasting better by the end of the day… sometimes, they didn’t.

It wasn’t until talking to Jerred Wolff from Palm Bay Imports, perhaps one of the straight-up, most intelligent and knowledgeable guys in the wine biz, told me about root days being bad days to taste wine. Finally, this was something that might make sense.  It all had to do with the phases of the moon.  These cycles last two and a half days each, so mid-day, or mid-evening, so the story goes, your perception of how a wine tastes can change as the day changes, from say, a root day to a flower day.

wine babes

Some wines will never taste good! (Photo credit: brendaj)

Fruit Days:  Wine tastes its best on fruit days.

Flower Days: are neutral in the taste of wine and not effect the wine negatively.

Leaf Days:  Leaf days are neutral-negative days for tasting wine.  Not the best.

Root Days: Wine will generally not taste good on root days.

While I can buy the concept of the moon, I have yet to put it to the test. If it’s not the phases of the moon, I can’t think of any other rational explanation.

Maria Thun has written a book (that I admit I haven’t yet purchased) on the subject, called When Wines Taste Best: A Bio-dynamic Calendar for Wine Drinkers.  It’s on my to-do list.


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